Another funny moment, perfectly captured.

Another funny moment, perfectly captured.

About The Author

David Koff was born, raised & schooled in the great city of Philadelphia. As an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, he studied comedy performance, writing and directing with the famed “Mask & Wig Club”. While at Penn, he was fortunate to study creative fiction & playwriting with noted playwright Romulus Linney (actress Laura Linney’s father).

An actor and elite improviser, David trained for several years with the famed Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, continuing to hone his abilities to create, write and perform comedy. As a professional actor, he appeared on a variety of popular TV shows including "Sesame Street" and "The West Wing". For fifteen years he's been the Artistic Director of Fake Radio, LA's Premiere Old-Time-Radio Comedy Troupe. In his role at Fake Radio, David's been honored to work on stage with such incredible talent as Ray Romano, John Larroquette, The Kids in the Hall, Fred Willard and more.

As a writer, David sold his first screenplay to Fox Family Films in 1991. He's currently a regularly featured writer in MacTech Magazine, and his writing continues to appear on such blogs as “The Inertia”, “GigaOm”, “Message to America”, "TechMalak" and “The Mac Dweeb”.

"Screw the Cable Company!" is David's first book. He is married to Mary and together they live with the two, feral kittens they rescued the day they were born: Callie and Gracie.