We've launched!

What started as a simple eBook for friends has turned into a 114 page reference book that I know will delight you and help you learn. The final product (which is never finished) took three years, had three proofreaders, two copy editors and one graphic artist. Oh and this: a lifetime or research to bring you the very best book on technology I could write. 

Only this is no ordinary book. I wanted to do something different, so I created something comedic because I wanted to make you laugh. There's no sense in learning about something like technology if you can't laugh about it, kids. 

So, here we are. I'm nervous, excited and very happy to finally be able to help everyone I know save money, learn some super-cool tips & tricks of the trade and empower themselves to change their boring, old living room into a true home theatre. 

Are you ready? I hope so. 

Let's get started. Together.