One Step Closer to Cable Free NFL Games...

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. And it looks like sooner has officially arrived. The only shock wasn't that there was a big announcement today about cord cutting and sports: it's that there were two big announcements...

First, Amazon announced that Amazon Prime members — the $99/year program that's wildly popular — will now be able to watch ten Thursday night NFL games in 2017 as part of their Amazon Prime membership. No extra charges: it's just another incentive to sign up to be a Prime member. Games will stream live at the same time they play on network TV, so you won't need to wait until the game is over to watch: watch just like everyone else, but without needing to have a special cable bundle or NFL subscription.

Some of you sports junkies might take this news and think, "Well, that's very quaint, but it's not nearly enough!". Trust me: I get it. Most die-hard football junkies that I know wanna watch their Sunday NFL games every weekend. And their Monday Night Football games. And let's not forget the Saturdays games as well. And, by the way, they wanna watch those games on ANY device they damn well please: TV, smartphones, tablets or computers. Given that, today's announcement from Amazon might not achieve the level of awesome that a true sports junkie in your life will love.


Today's second announcement just might give you goosebumps: YouTube has officially launched YouTubeTV. The new business will provide access to "ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports Networks, Comcast SportsNet and dozens more" channels for a set fee of $35/month. The service is available for up to six people, three of whom can be logged in AT THE SAME TIME and watch different shows. Notably, it also offers unlimited DVR capabilities, so if you wanted to record a bunch of shows to watch later, now you can: as many shows as you like. And, because you'll have access to network TV with your subscription, you can watch any sports event that you might normally find there, including, you guessed it: live sports! 

Those who have read my book know that I advocate cutting the cord (cancelling cable tv) to save a ton of money. We used to spend over $100/month for cable tv and internet. Today, that's changed. Let's say that you spend $40/month on high-speed internet access. Now, for an additional $35/month, you can also have legal access to (and record!) every popular network TV channel you need. Not bad, Junkies. Not bad at all. 

Within the next five years,, cable tv will be gone and EVERYTHING will be easily available to view on the internet. Some of it will be totally free. Other, vast amounts of programming is now and will continue to be available for a low, monthly fee. It's an exciting time. 

"But, hey," you ask: isn't there SOME way to get free and legal access to network TV without spending $100/month on a cableTV subscription. Actually, there is. But, for those kinds of deeper secrets, you'll just need to buy the book, Junkies. 

Trust me, it's the smartest money you'll ever spend.