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Praise for "Screw the Cable Company"

David has pulled off a crazy-rare hat trick: a tech book that is fact-filled, fast-paced, and -- dare I say it? -- fun.  I was saving money by the third chapter!

     — Jordan Sonnenblick, New York Times best-selling author

So far, by just following ONE of his suggestions, David's book has already saved me $480 a year. I'm working on getting my own modem instead of leasing -- that ought to save another $120 or so annually. Highly recommended -- the $10 you spend for this book will save you LITERALLY hundreds of dollars. 

     — Sarah Spitz, Radio Producer/PR Director for KCRW in Los Angeles

I learned so much in reading this, options I didn't even know existed. It’s written to be easy enough for anyone new to all of the technology, but has enough information for anyone that’s a seasoned tech pro. While I don't think I can entirely cut the cord (yet!), "Screw the Cable Company" can get me a lot closer than ever before. Even better: it showed me the resources to use while I'm traveling. Thanks for writing this, David!

     — Ed Marczak, Executive Editor, MacTech magazine

I'd been avoiding cancelling our cable TV for a long time. I was completely intimidated by what I saw as an unnavigable task. Then I took a quick look at David Koff's book, and I realized that I could do it. David breaks down everything into manageable and funny sections and tells us how to 'stick it to the man.' Sounds fun to me. Screw the Cable Company!

     — Cathy Ladman, Stand-up Comic from “The Tonight Show” & HBO

David Koff’s “Screw the Cable Company” is a breezy and irreverent guide to cutting the cable and getting your video entertainment from other sources. As a bonus, those other sources — and Koff goes well beyond Netflix — are inevitably cheaper than that soul-sucking monthly cable bill. There’s some geekery, to be sure, but Koff does a good job of explaining the tricky bits and even weighs in on some of the legal questions. If you’re tired of paying Comcast/TimeWarner/BeelzebubTV and you’re not afraid to swap some cables around and fiddle around on the Internet, give this book a read.

     — Adam Engst, Publisher of TidBITS, oldest tech journal on the Internet

David: I've just ordered your book, which is, of all the books in the WORLD, the one Tim and I most NEED right now. We've been planning to ditch our Time-Warner Cable, which costs nearly $150 per month, since we virtually never watch TV and our viewing consists mainly of stuff on Netflix and Amazon. Now we'll have a clear guide as to how to do it. THANK YOU! I expect a great many other people are in our position. I predict a MASSIVE success for your book. Congratulations! Well deserved!”

     — Judith Searle, author and Enneagram expert

"How to Screw the Cable Company” is a practical and laugh-out-loud guide on how to wrest control of your monthly entertainment bill. Koff gives us easy, step-by-step instructions on the hardware and streaming services that an average consumer can buy to effectively match the content offered by the big cable companies, all at a fraction of the cost.  For those willing to take it a step further, Koff lays out a simple and inexpensive home theater setup that can turn any living room into an immersive digital playground. With the Internet and the living room converging more than ever, there has never been a better time to cut the cord – Koff’s book shows us how we can do that without major sacrifices and while padding our wallets.

     — Jason Ader, Veteran Wall Street Technology Analyst