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Praise for "Screw the Cable Company"

"David has pulled off a crazy-rare hat trick: a tech book that is fact-filled, fast-paced, and -- dare I say it? -- fun.  I was saving money by the third chapter!"

     — Jordan Sonnenblick, New York Times best-selling author

“I learned so much in reading this, options I didn't even know existed. It’s written to be easy enough for anyone new to all of the technology, but has enough information for anyone that’s a seasoned tech pro. While I don't think I can entirely cut the cord (yet!), "Screw the Cable Company" can get me a lot closer than ever before. Even better: it showed me the resources to use while I'm traveling. Thanks for writing this, David!”

     — Ed Marczak, Executive Editor, MacTech magazine

"I'd been avoiding cancelling our cable TV for a long time. I was completely intimidated by what I saw as an unnavigable task. Then I took a quick look at David Koff's book, and I realized that I could do it. David breaks down everything into manageable and funny sections and tells us how to 'stick it to the man.' Sounds fun to me. Screw the Cable Company!"

     — Cathy Ladman, Stand-up Comic from “The Tonight Show” & HBO

“David Koff’s “Screw the Cable Company” is a breezy and irreverent guide to cutting the cable and getting your video entertainment from other sources. As a bonus, those other sources — and Koff goes well beyond Netflix — are inevitably cheaper than that soul-sucking monthly cable bill. There’s some geekery, to be sure, but Koff does a good job of explaining the tricky bits and even weighs in on some of the legal questions. If you’re tired of paying Comcast/TimeWarner/BeelzebubTV and you’re not afraid to swap some cables around and fiddle around on the Internet, give this book a read."

     — Adam Engst, Publisher of TidBITS, oldest tech journal on the Internet