Which eBook formats do you sell?

The book is offered in both PDF and MOBI formats. Purchase the PDF version if you'd like to read the book on any computer or smartphone.  Purchase the MOBI file version if you'd like to read on your Amazon Kindle device.

Can I read the PDF eBook on all of my devices?

Yes! On the Mac platform, use the built-in Preview.app or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to read or print your eBook. If you save the eBook into the iBooks application on your Mac or iOS device, you can read the book via ANY of your iCloud connected devices later.

On Windows OS, you can also use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  

On Android devices, I recommend using the "Play Books" app to read PDF's.

What happens if the tech changes?

Not "if", but "when". 

Technology always changes. Currently the book is version 1.0 or v.1. As the tech changes, I'll keep the book up to date and offer new releases. Folks who have already purchased the book will be given either a free or low-cost path to upgrade to v2, v3 and so on.